I’m rebuilding the International Indian Economists Association – a concept I had floated in 1998 but could not pursue due to ill health. To kickstart it I’ve opened this little website as also a Linkedin Group. Please join the Group if you are an Indian with economics training.





Should you be interested in discussing further, please write to me at sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com.

==THE ORIGINAL FLYER STATED THE FOLLOWING (It is no longer relevant but can form a starting point for further work)==

The IIEA was conceptualized in July, 1998 as a body to bring together professional economists of Indian origin. A total of 50 persons have joined so far; their names are listed on the IIEA web page. You are invited to join this organization as Initiating member. Board of Directors Executive Vice President: Dr. Deepak Lal Directors: Dr. Tapen Sinha, Director, Journal Division Dr. Subroto Roy, Director, Conference Division Dr. Parth Shah, Director, Education and Outreach Division Sanjeev Sabhlok, Director, Web Interface Division

Associate Directors: Dr. Jaishankar Raman Dr. Dipendra Sinha
  Dr. Bharati Basu Dr. Ranjan Roy
  Dr. Anil Gupta Dr. Kuldeep Shastri
  Dr. P. V. Viswanath Dr. Lakshmi Raut
  Dr. Kishore Kuklarni Ms. Iris Madeira
  Dr. Mukul Asher Yazad Jal

1.To encourage economic research, especially (but not limited) to  continually improve the economic condition of India. 2.To issue publications on economic subjects, and in particular, a  policy-oriented, refereed economic journal. 3.To archive historical records relating to the progress of Economic science  in India. In particular, to prepare a web-accessible archive including  bibliographies and wherever possible, scanned images, of all published  material relating to the Indian economic siutation and other material  published by economists of Indian origin. 4.To encourage perfect freedom of economic discussion, without any  partisanship. There would be no ‘official’ view of the Association on any  topic. 5.To provide value to members such as promotion of careers, particularly of young economists, help in coordinating joint work, pre-refereeing papers  to prepare papers for publication, and hosting various discussion forums,  both public and internal, as well as announcement forums on specialized  topics of interest. It is hoped that IIEA will be able to register itself within early 1999 with the support and help of active members.