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Here’s a blog post by Sanjeev Sabhlok.  Clearly there is an opportunity to add/improve to this list.


Since I vigorously advocate a dramatic increase in economics education in India, I am perhaps obliged to list out a few Indian economists (past and present) whose work can form the basis of an expanded program in economics eduction in India. Of course, India would need to take into account good thinkers from the entire world, particularly Hayek. But building a list of good Indian economists could prove useful to those looking to frame a reading list for undergraduates in colleges across India. Note that this list is not restricted to qualified economists alone; sometimes those not highly qualified in economics may have value to add. Also, I do not necessarily support all the work of these economists, but most disputes I have with them are on the fringe, not detracting from the intrinsic value of their work.

This list is likely to be incomplete, since I read more political philosophy than economics these days, so I’m happy to add to it based on your recommendations (provided you exclude those with leftist inclinations – of which there are just too many in India!). Send your recommendations through the comments section.

The list is in alphabetical order of first name. Not all these economists are living today but the works of those who have passed away (or in due course will certainly pass away!) can be used as a basis for designing good educational material for high school and first year University students across India. Everyone in India (and the world) must be economics literate. Else the country is basically doomed to repeat its mistakes again, and again.

Professional Economists (i.e. with PhD in Economics and/or extensive teaching experience in economics)

  • Ashok Desai
  • Avinash Dixit
  • Bellikoth Shenoy
  • Bibek Debroy
  • Deepak Lal
  • Jagdish Bhagwati
  • Kaushik Basu
  • Nirvikar Singh
  • Parth Shah
  • Pranab Bardhan
  • Subroto Roy
  • T. N. Srinivasan

Good economic thinkers

  • Atanu Dey (PhD Eco)
  • Barun Mitra
  • Gurcharan Das
  • Sauvik Chakraverti
  • Sharad Joshi
  • Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
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